Repair Your Pilings & Save 200% Compared to Replacement!

Protect Your Healthy Pilings Before It's Too Late!


With our patented FormaPile system you can convert your old deteriorated pilings into fully functional pilings without the hassle of replacing them.

dock saver formapile piling repair

Dock Savers uses the Formapile Patented Piling Repair System to save you from having to replace your damaged dock pilings.  There formulated HDPE is custom designed for timber piles that have been attacked by the limnoria organism(marine borers) which are capable of moving in and around the pilings and severely destroying them. On a pile, the limnoria organism attacks from the outside and burrows in the pile parallel to the grain where there are frequent openings to the water for circulation. The end result is a pile with significant cross-sectional loss.

The Formapile Piling Repair System was designed for installation on timber piles to strengthen and prevent further damage from the marine borer activity. The failure rate using Formapile is zero when installed properly by a trained Dock Savers technician. Formapile is proven to actually make pile strength greater than when new.  

Are Your Pilings Still Healthy?  Protect Them Now Before It's Too Late!

dock saving pile wrap

Perma-Pile is another method used to prevent marine borer attacks of timber piles by encasing new or fairly new piles. In addition, Perma-Pile keeps the chemicals that are used to treat the piles, from leaching into the water. Perma-Pile creates a stagnant envelope around the the piles and prevents marine borer attacks by restricting oxygen and nourishment. Perma-Pile is impervious to UV damage.   Dock Savers installers are trained on the proper installation of Permapile to insure there is no failure in the system.


Pilings Still In Good Shape but Infected by Marine Borers?

If your pilings have not been protected for a period of time then there is a good chance they are infected with marine borers!

Fortunately Dock Savers PileGuard System can effectively kill the marine borers and save your dock pilings.  Our PileGuard System is the application of a Marine Petroleum Tape that will kill the marine borers.  Unlike "shrink wrap", which deteriorates in salt water & is not eco friendly, PileGuard will last indefinitely in the water, was designed for the marine environment.

Licensed & Insured

Is your contractor licensed & insured?  Do you know that you the customer becomes liable for any damages or injuries if your contractor is not insured? 

Dock Savers Inc is a fully insured and license Florida State General Contractor #CGC1511928.  All of our employees are covered under workmans comp.